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The Depths of It All: Self-Expression During Scorpio Season

banner with woman doing yoga with a scorpion tale with sacred geometry and stars and moon in the background, Reads The Depths of It All: Self-Expression During Scorpio Season

Harnessing Scorpio Energy for Self-Expression

Scorpio Season is here boo!!! From October 23rd until we transition into Sagittarius season on November 21st, we are swimming in Scorpio's waters. This is such a beautiful time to explore the transformative waters of self-expression. As the energy shifts, we are going to explore practical ways to harness Scorpio's intensity, power and transformative energy to create a self-expression rebirth. It's an opportunity to explore the most hidden corners and unlock the unseen magic within.

black scopion

Transformation is such a big part of Scorpio energy and though transformation is not always comfortable, it's a necessary process of growth and personal discovery.

I invite you to allow Scorpio's transformative energy to infuse your self-expression during this season. Whether that's engaging in art, speaking up about topics you're passionate about, letting a new side of yourself be seen or allowing your imagination and emotions to flow like water in your writing. It's the perfect time to fearlessly dive into the shadows of your being, confronting and embracing your darker aspects and transmuting them into powerful, authentic self-expression.

With the power of Scorpio, we can cultivate intuitive communication, trusting our instincts when expressing ourselves verbally, artistically or through written words. Allowing passion to guide our self-expression, infusing our words with the fiery intensity of Scorpio.

During this season you may feel the pull to delve into the aspects of yourself that you've been hesitating to express openly and to explore how Scorpio's intensity can be channelled into your expression. Can you allow the hidden talents and desires that are ready to surface to come to the light?

It's a powerful time to reflect on the transformations you are undergoing and contemplate ways to express these changes, identifying and addressing the fears or insecurities holding you back from full self-expression.


Journal Prompts for Scorpio Season Self-Reflection

During this Scorpio Season, a sacred space for self-reflection invites us in. Within the shadows and transformative energy of Scorpio, I invite you to embrace a journey of deep self-discovery through these reflective journal prompts.

Look at these prompts as gateways to unearthing the aspects of yourself that you may still be hesitating to express openly. These prompts are here to act as keys to shine a light on your inner world during this Scorpio Season, guiding you to express your authentic self and navigate the transformative energies that will help you embrace your authenticity and self-expression.


  1. What aspects of myself have I been hesitant to express openly?

  2. In what ways can I channel Scorpio's passion into my self-expression?

  3. What hidden talents or desires am I ready to bring to the surface?

  4. How can I communicate more authentically in my relationships?

  5. What transformations am I currently undergoing, and how can I express these changes?

  6. What fears or insecurities are holding me back from full self-expression?

  7. In what ways can I infuse more passion and depth into my daily life?


Scorpio Season Affirmations for Self-Expression

As we embrace Scorpio Season, let these affirmations be your daily companions on a journey of self-expression and authenticity. Simple yet powerful, repeat these affirmations with intention. Whether you say them aloud or silently, allow the words to fill you from head to toe with Scorpionic energy. Use these affirmations as a tool to navigate the intense and passionate energies of Scorpio Season, fostering a deeper connection with your authentic self.

scopion surrounded by the zodiacal wheel with moons and clouds. Reads Scorpio


  1. "I embrace Scorpio's transformative energy, fearlessly expressing my authentic self in every moment."

  2. "In Scorpio's depths, I find the courage to release hidden talents and let my true expression flow."

  3. "My self-expression is a powerful reflection of Scorpio's passion and intensity, igniting authenticity within me."

  4. "As Scorpio guides my journey, I boldly communicate my desires, weaving passion into every word."

  5. "I am a vessel of Scorpio's rebirth, shedding fears and insecurities to fully embrace authentic self-expression."


Anchoring into Scorpio Energy Practice

To help with anchoring into Scorpio's energy, you'll find a Sacred Water Meditation Practice below.

Scorpio Season Ritual: Sacred Water Meditation Practice:

woman standing at table with candle lit on the table and palo santo burning on a stand
Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

What You'll Need:


A Glass of Water

A Notebook & Pen

Any Regulation/Grounding Tools You Use (ex. sensory tools, stuffies)

Step One - Find a Quiet Space:

Create a serene space where you won't be disturbed. I invite you to indulge your senses!

Examples: Your favourite oils for smell, a fuzzy blanket to sit on for touch, beautiful crystals for sight, calming frequencies for sound and your favourite drink to sip for taste.

Step Two - Candlelit Atmosphere:

Light a candle to evoke Scorpio's transformative fire.

(Please be mindful when using fire. Only use non-flammable containers and never leave your candles unattended)

Step Three - Water Visualization:

Close your eyes and start to take deep intentional breaths. Begin to imagine a pool of deep, mysterious water. This water represents the inner depths that Scorpio Season allows us to explore.

Step Four - Dive Into Your Depths:

Visualize yourself entering the water, and submerging yourself in the water.

Feel it cleanse and rejuvenate you as you connect to and explore the depths of your emotions and desires around your authentic self-expression.

Step Five - Connect with Scorpio's Energy:

Envision the transformative energy of Scorpio infusing the water. Feel it purifying and empowering your expression. Listen to the messages that the depths are bringing you about your self-expression.

Step Six - Express Yourself:

As you emerge from the water, visualize yourself reborn. Take some time to express your newfound insights through writing, drawing, or any creative means.

Step Seven - Water Magic:

Taking your glass of water in your hands, using the messages you received around your self-expression, speak powerful, empowering words into your water. Then slowly drink the water, envisioning it washing over your Throat Chakra with the power of your words.

Step Eight - Gratitude:

Close the practice with gratitude for Scorpio's guidance and the depths of self-expression you've tapped into.

Feel free to use the passage below or come up with your own:

"I thank the cosmic energies that guide me through the waters of self-discovery, allowing me to confront fears, shed old layers, and emerge anew.
May the Scorpio energies continue to guide and empower me as I navigate the depths of my inner world.
Blessings be to Scorpio, the cosmic catalyst of rebirth and authentic living.
So it is."


Scorpio's Gift of Authentic Expression

In the empowering vibes of Scorpio Season, we discover the power of authentic self-expression. As you navigate the depths of your inner world and embrace this energy, remember that Scorpionic energy is a beautiful gateway for transformation. Use this powerful energy to help you explore what's holding you back from being fully, authentically expressed and use your awareness as a catalyst for transforming your expression.

Allow yourself to dive into the currents of your inner world, express the unspoken, and emerge renewed. May your Scorpio Season be a journey of profound self-expression, surfacing the hidden gems of your authentic self-expression.

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