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The Throat Center in Human Design

This week we're diving into an introduction to the Throat center in Human Design. The Throat center is all about how we express ourselves. It is like the Grand Central Station of the Human Design chart. All of the energy in our chart is trying to make it to the Throat to be expressed/manifested.

The Defined Throat Center

The throat center has 11 gates so it has the most possibilities of being defined out of all the centers (71% of people have a defined Throat Center)

You'll be able to tell if you have a defined throat by checking the 3rd center from the top to see if it's coloured in.

Having a defined Throat Center means that you have a consistent, fixed way of communicating and expressing yourself. Your energy for expression is reliable. You may have wounds around "talking too much" or being "too expressive".

Out of Alignment

  • Being loud for fear of not being heard

  • Being quiet out of fear of being too much

  • Sore throats, raspatory issues, thyroid problems

  • Dominating a conversation just to get the attention


  • Using your voice to contribute to the conversation

  • Being an advocate for others

  • Turning inspiration into action through your words

  • Feeling comfortable being seen

The Open/Undefined Throat Center

When your throat center is open (white with no gates defined), or undefined (white with gates defined) this just means that your energy here is not consistent. This does not mean that you'll never be able to speak or use your voice. In fact there are many, many amazing singers and speakers who have open/undefined Throat Centers.

Having open/undefined centers is not a bad thing, it gives you the ability to become truly wise in this area. You are able to in a way morph your way of expressing to suit those you're speaking to. This gives you the ability to reach many with your voice. You also have the ability to amplify the voices of others which is a powerful ability to have. Though you can feel a lot of pressure to speak, it's important to make sure that you're not just blurting things out and waiting for the right moment to share (and that they even want to hear what you have to say). There's no point wasting your words on those who aren't interested.

Allow yourself to play with different forms of expressing yourself. Out of Alignment

  • Talking over others and interrupting them

  • Frantically searching for attention or a way to feel seen

  • Likely relates success to being flashy

  • Really wants to be seen


  • Holding space for conversation and observing

  • Allowing whatever voice wants to speak through them to speak

  • Channeling the perfect words for those around them

  • Allowing manifestation to happen instead of forcing it

The Gates and Voices of The Throat Center

This is something that is super fun to experiment. Each gate of the Throat Center has a voice! If you have the gate defined it means that this is a more potent and energetically powerful way for you to speak.

You can play with this in your content or even write more powerful affirmations using them (if you're open then play with all of them!): Gate 62: Expressed Details - Clarification

Voice - I think

Gate 23: Assimilation - Stabilizing

Voice - I know

Gate 56: The Wanderer - Stimulation, Traveling

Voice - I believe

Gate 35: Progress - Advancing. “And now for something completely different.”

Voice - I feel

Gate 12: Standstill - Hindrance, Taking Stock

Voice - I can try

Gate 45: Gathering together - Rulership (The King or Queen)

Voice - I have

Gate 33: Retreat - Withdrawal, Privacy & Secrets

Voice - I remember

Gate 8: Contribution - Uniting, Coordinating (Co-Creation) Voice - I can contribute

Gate 31: Influence: Mutual Attraction Voice - I lead

Gate 20: The “Now” - Contemplation, Watching Voice - I am

Gate 16: Selectivity - Enthusiasm and skills Voice - I experiment

To Wrap It Up

Just a reminder that these systems are not here to disempower you or box you in. It's important to allow yourself to experiment and see what feels right for you. There are no MUSTS or HAVE TOS here. Keep it fun and lead with curiosity. If you're feeling called to, leave me a comment and let me know if your throat is defined or undefined/open as well as how you feel about the voices you have defined in your chart. xo Kei P.S Want to share this with your people?! Use the image below to share it to your Facebook, IG, or Pinterest!

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