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Hey Boo,

I'm Keisha!

Always been a misfit in school, my family until the pressure of other people's expectations made me shrink myself to keep others comfortable.

This pressure poured over into my business when I started it in 2010 after I had given birth to my child, Laura.


Being in an all white town and having dealt with racism and bullying, I felt the need to once again make myself as palatable as possible in order to get clients.

I used my middle name, Natasha,  to fit in. My branding was generic small town mom-tog and completely unaligned and I was doing family & child photography even though I hated it.

In 2018 I finally listened to my heart and shut it all down, moved to a new city and began shooting models musicians & designing brands.


but I was still hiding my name and not owning my full expression because I was still stuck in the belief that I was too much like I had heard so many times in my life.


My old branding. So out of alignment! 

Moon Circle.png

As I got introduced to spirituality, Astrology and Human Design, I started to realize that I was not meant to hide! All of the things that I had been hiding were the same things that were going to help me stand out in the online space.

I dove deep into reconnecting with myself and decided that I wanted to make sure I led by example so my child would never have to feel like they had to hide parts of themselves for any reason.


The deeper I connected to myself and and detached from the societal expectations, the more my business grew, the more my network grew.

The more I honored what my internal compass was calling for, the more empowered I became to show up as my most authentic self. 

Image by Augustine Wong

Now I'm on a mission to help other visionary misfits break free from the boxes society has forced them into, activate their most empowered voices & become liberated leaders who make an impact!

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